Research Projects

The research activities of the Device Technology and Chemical Physics Lab aim to understand and to control the photophysical processes of exciton dissociation, exciton fusion, charge photogeneration and charge recombination in photoactive layers of organic composite films. Currently attention is given to:
- the fabrication of solution-processable solid-state photon up-converting coatings for light management applications such as the sensitization of power-generating, light-sensing and phototocatalytic device platforms, and the systematic optical characterization of these coatings with the use of luminescence spectroscopy
- the engineering of fullerene-free organic photovoltaic applications with emphasis on the use of low-cost perylene diimide electron acceptor derivatives
- the development of experimental methodologies for the study of charge recombination in photoactive composite systems with the use of delayed luminescence spectroscopy

Research Projects:

  • Project DIACTMOND (protocol nr. EXCELLENCE/0918/0215)