Our Mission

Throughout the evolution of human societies one of the major drivers that improved the quality of the daily life was the curiosity of humans to unravel the basic operation principles hidden behind state-of-the-art technologies and to eliminate phenomenological understanding. In the realms of the 4th Industrial Revolution, Materials Science is one of the key-players capable to deliver truly innovative products. By gaining deep insight in the process mechanisms that dictate molecular properties at the nanoscale, the design of smart materials with tailored functionality and the development of multifunctional devices are meaningful tasks to pursue.
The research mission of the Device Technology & Chemical Physics Lab is to conduct curiosity-driven scientific research and to use it as a vehicle for enhancing the Research, Technological Development and Innovation ecosystem of Cyprus and the world. Through its research activities, the Lab aims to propel the production of new Knowledge and to advance Science. Knowledge strengthens the skills of individuals while Science improves Society in all. In doing so, the Lab focuses on the generation of skillful and educated human potential and to the acceleration of scientific achievements in the area of Nanoengineering and Nanotechnology of Organic Semiconductors that can be forwarded to technology transfer endeavours.
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The general goals of the Device Technology & Chemical Physics Lab are:
i) to capitalize on the human potential available in the academic environment of Cyprus by developing the skills of young researchers.
ii) to contribute to the growth of a research culture in the Research, Technological Development and Innovation ecosystem of Cyprus that encompasses a problem-solving oriented approach to scientific questions, a team-player spirit and a commitment to experimental work.
iii) to continuously strive towards excellence with the generation of high-quality research results in the area of smart materials with emphasis on solution-processable organic semiconductors and their optoelectronic devices for real world applications.