In the Device Technology & Chemical Physics Lab our experimental activities are focused on i) the processing of materials, ii) the elucidation of process mechanisms and iii) the engineering of optoelectronic and photonic device architectures.
Our research is rooted in the development of solution processing protocols and in the photophysical characterization of composite thin films, in conjunction with the functionality of their devices. We seek to gain in-depth understanding of the photophysical properties of organic semiconductors (small molecular and polymeric) in the solid state and to establish rigorous structure-property-performance correlations for these systems in the form of photoactive composite layers.
Based on our processing protocols we contribute in the development of high-quality organic composite thin films for technologically important device platforms such as organic photovoltaic devices, radiation-sensors, organic lasers, and non-volatile memory devices. Through our results we aim to provide useful feedback that can guide material designers and synthetic chemists to formulate rigorous design principles for producing high performance functional materials.
In collaboration with a broad network of research institutions and other academic centers located in Cyprus and in abroad, we are constantly exploring opportunities for embarking towards high-vision research projects at the international level, for promoting scientific excellence in the field of next-generation nanostructured organic electronic materials and devices.